Children’s Garden

Let your imagination run wild – as well as the kids – in the Children’s Garden!

  • Discover dinosaur bones in our ‘Dinosaur Dig’.
  • Pretend you are living in the jungle at the top of the trees in our tree house.
  • Make believe you’ve been magically transported to the land of the Hobbits, and climb in and over a real Hobbit House.

Of course this is still a garden, so wonder at the animal-shaped topiary, watch the furniture garden grow, and figure out why the “weird plants” look like they do.

The Children’s Garden at The Oregon Garden is the perfect place to make family memories outdoors, surrounded by nature. During a day of play, bring a picnic or pick up lunch from Little Leaf Café  to enjoy. Along with fun activities in the Children’s Garden, kids will also enjoy participating in Junior Gardener’s Club educational activities and other fun Oregon Garden events throughout the year.


Plants of Interest

In the Weird Plants Garden located inside the Children’s Garden you will find many fun and interesting plants. A Toad Lily, Lamb’s Ears, and a Mouse Tail Plant all live here.

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