Photography and Video

The Oregon Garden is the perfect place for amateur and professional photographers to hone their skills and capture nature’s beauty throughout the year. Please read on for our policies regarding photography in the Garden.

Amateur Photography

Amateur photography includes photos taken for personal use only. All Garden members and guests paying general Garden admission are welcome to take photographs any time during open hours. Please refer to and respect our photography policies outlined below.

Professional Photography

Professional photography includes any activity in which money will be exchanged for photos or services, such as a photographer who has been hired to take senior, engagement or family photos, or someone who will be selling prints, cards or stock photos of the Garden, etc. If this scenario applies to you, we require that you purchase a Photographer Membership prior to shooting in the Garden.

Our Photographer Membership includes all the benefits of associate membership plus additional perks, including the right to sell, edit and distribute without attribution photos you take at The Oregon Garden. It includes free admission for the photographer and one guest, plus the ability to admit additional guests at a reduced rate.

Photographer Members are not required to schedule their shoots and may access the Garden at any time during open hours.

Photography and video at The Oregon Garden

Photography Policies

To ensure the enjoyment of all of our guests and the integrity of our Garden, please respect the following rules when taking photographs in the Garden.

  • Stay on pathways, hardscape and lawns at all times.
  • Do not climb trees, rocks, fences or enter water features.
  • Do not block pathways, stairs, doors or disrupt pedestrian flow.
  • Do not move or alter Garden features such as benches, trash cans or statues.
  • Make every effort to be as unobtrusive to other guests as possible.
  • Absolutely no use of drones in the Garden.

Any guest found to be disobeying these guidelines or being otherwise disruptive will be asked to leave the property.

Photography FAQs

Can I take my engagement, senior or family portraits at the Garden?

We are delighted that you want to make The Oregon Garden the backdrop for your special memories! If someone you know has volunteered to take your photos in the Garden for free, refer to the Amateur Photography guidelines above. If you will be hiring a photographer to take your photos, please refer to the Professional Photography guidelines instead.

Do I need to make a reservation to take photos at The Oregon Garden?

No, you do not need to make reservations to shoot photos at The Oregon Garden. Photographers may access the Garden during regular Garden hours.

Is there a fee to take photos at The Oregon Garden?

If the photographer will be compensated for their services, or will be otherwise profiting from the photos taken (selling prints, for example), we require the photographer to hold a Photographer Membership prior to shooting at The Garden.

If you will be taking photos for personal use or have a friend who will be taking your photos for free, there is no fee or membership required.

Can I shoot video in The Oregon Garden?

Yes, video is subject to the same rules and policies as photography. Drones are not allowed in the Garden except by vendors contracting with clients renting venues at The Oregon Garden.

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