Rediscovery Forest

The Oregon Garden’s Rediscovery Forest offers a peaceful respite in the shade of Douglas-firs and singing birds. This demonstration forest, managed in partnership with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) serves the multiple goals of education, research and public enjoyment.

Hike the different trails through this dynamic demonstration forest. You will learn about reforestation, forest management, seed tree forests, growing Christmas trees, and hardwood forest management through the interpretive signage placed along easily-accessible trails.


Forestry Education

The Rediscovery Forest Education Programs provide K-12 students an opportunity to discover the importance of Oregon’s forests, see forest management and understand how forests contribute to our quality of life.



A large clearing in the forest is perfect for your upcoming events. We would love to help you plan your next family reunion or company picnic in the Rediscovery Forest.

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