Lewis and Clark Garden

The Lewis and Clark Garden is a living museum of the many botanical finds Meriwether Lewis and William Clark documented on their Corps of Discovery’s journey more than 200 years ago. The Lewis & Clark Garden is situated near the Oak Grove and the Rediscovery Forest in the southern part of The Oregon Garden grounds. Onsite educational materials include interpretive signs and plant labels. The significance of the plants to Northwest tribes and the Corps of Discovery are highlighted.

Travel through the diverse regions of the Pacific Northwest as Lewis and Clark did: sit at their campsite along the rushing stream, look out over the dry steppes of the Columbia Plateau, and say goodbye to the lush forest of the Pacific Coast before journeying home.

Plants of Interest: Ponderosa Pines, Vine Maples, and Salmonberry bushes in this garden are great examples of the diversity of plants the Northwest has to offer.

Lewis and Clark Garden Designers: Amy Whitworth, Kathryn Leech and Mike Faha

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